Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First week

after a long while of traveling,

jfk to detroit to amsterdam to copenhagen then to haslev. I finally arrived!

Due to lack of sleep, I was also quite tired, so the first thing I did once I got to my counselor´s house was sleep. The next day, I learned more about Haslev, one thing, Hans Christain Anderson stayed in one of the estates, and the lake near that is the setting for the tale the ugly duckling. I saw the gymnasium ill be attending, the estates, and the many feilds. I also was able to meet my second host family, which one of the daughters is in rotary and is going to NY for a year. Throughout the week I met my other host familys, went on many walks around the town, had a cherry pit spitting contest with my host brother, which he now envies my spitting skills...also I learned how to "build a burger" in dansk. One of the days i went to copenhagen, saw all the sights, went on a boat tour, in the square, once a man learned I was American he started singing to me..it was rather odd yet, funny. We went to Tivoli, which was really cool, i got to see the park, walk around but not go on the rides, atleast not yet. There was a show, at first ballet, then soilders, and it ended with large puppets walking around the park and gymnists, they dont really have anything like it in the states, it was amazing. I also celebrated my 16 birthday here, they put up a danish flag in my honor, and my host mum threw me a party where all my host familys came so it was really nice. They sang the traditional danish birthday song which is quite halarious, and made a cake the shape of a girl..its was really cool. The next day, I was off to my counselors beach house in south west sealand, it was nice to see the sea, and refreashing, yet at the same time it reminded me of home, and the thought of a year abroad finally hit me. We were able to travel around and see the viking museum adn the bridge to Fyn, but otherwise we hung out, and I ate my first huge danish ice cream =). I moved in with my fist host family, which I enjoy very much. They are so nice, two kids, a boy 9 and girl 12, so it is nice to be around kids, even if theyre younger. They are speaking Danish to me, so I am starting to learn...slowly. I also accompanied my host mum to her school, which I found out is rather different from ny schools, the kids have much more freedom, and spoke less english than I thought they could. I also signed up for my Gymnasium in the 2nd year, so ill be with kids a year or two older, but the school is really nice, its brick, a couple stories high with ivy growing up the walls, a school Ive always wanted to go to.

I start school monday, and then intro camp the next week and then a rotary weekend the next weekend...funtimes?

(sorry, this is a packed jumbled up mess of my life this past week)

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